"The electric bike is a clean means of transportation."

About Us

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Electric Bikes...

The bike that takes you up-hill with the push of a button! You don't even have to pedal. Have fun, get exercise, be green - It's all fun!

Quality and service is our goal. Commitment to our customer is our priority.

Becky's Bikes has been in business for several years and offers the largest selection of the best quality electric bikes on the market. We take pride in being a premier electric bike shop and put in place a set of high standards that set up apart from other bike shops.

All of our bikes are serviced on location. Our service manager Brian has been working on bikes for over 15 years and provides every customer with outstanding customer service and one of a kind attention.

Come to Becky's Bikes and check out our large selection of electric bikes and take one out for a test ride. You'll love to Becky's Bikes difference

And remember, with Becky's Bikes... They're just FUN!

Ride one of Becky's Bikes as a bicycle, get your exercise, then, when the hill becomes a problem, press the button. The motor kicks in... you'll get all the help you want. That is what I call "The best of both worlds."

What Customers Are Saying

Howard from Clinton Iowa said," I bought an Evo Cross and I love it. It's like having a bike on Steroids! And I lost 20lbs."

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