"The electric bike is a clean means of transportation."

Blix Komfort+    (Black)

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Blix Komfort+

Blix Electric Bikes are powered by the Spin Tech™ system, a fully automated, electric pedal assist system with four levels of power. You can control the amount of exercise you get by based on the selected level, or turn it off completely.

Either way, the hand throttle control is always available to power your ride.

The Komfort+ is a one of a kind electric bike. With a timeless design and clean looks, the Komfort+ not only allows for a comfortable ride, but a revolutionary balance of practical and beautiful design.

Blix designed the Komfort+ to simplify your life. For when biking is about the freedom to get around - without traffic jams, without parking issues. It's designed to be there for you as a truly viable mean of transportation, everyday.

Excellent riding experience, practical solutions, and beautiful design. With more than 9 years of product development and continuous technological improvement, a Blix bike is built for every single day of your life. Take a closer look.

Blix Komfort+   (Cream)

Blix Komfort+   (Green)