"The electric bike is a clean means of transportation."

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Electric bikes just make sense. In the US, we are just catching up with the rest of the world about E-Bikes. They are huge in China, and very popular in Europe.

Some of them are city bikes. Some of them are mountain bikes. Some of them are trikes. Some of them are delivery bikes. pricematch Some of them are foldable. You can put them in your trunk, or bring them with you on the commuter train. Yet, they are still bicycles.

You can park an electric bike anywhere that you can park a regular bike. No license, no insurance required. The electric bike is an economical alternative everywhere that gas is expensive . More and more people are discovering their economy, their convenience, their power, and that simply...they're just fun!

Your partner likes to ride and you do too, but you can't keep up. With an electric bike you can! Got an injury? Need some, but not too much exercise, E-Bikes are the answer.

Many people have said to me,"I don't want one of those because I still ride a bicycle for the exercise." But often those same people don't go for a ride after thinking about that big hill on their favorite route. If those people had an electric bike, chances are that they would ride more often and still get their exercise. No exercise turns into some exercise.

Ride one of Becky's Bikes as a bicycle, get your exercise, then, when the hill becomes a problem, press the button. The motor kicks in... you'll get all the help you want. That is what I call "The best of both worlds."

What Customers Are Saying

Tom W. of Chicago says, "I love my new Tesla X electric SUV, but no more than my Bulls electric bike from Becky's Bikes!".

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