"The electric bike is a clean means of transportation."

Populo Sport V3    (Black/Blue/Polished)

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Colors       Black, Blue, Polished

Populo Sport V3 (Polished)


Every journey begins with just one evolutionary  step and our Populo Sport is already on its third. Welcome the Populo Sport V3. Taking the original concept and improving on it, the Sport V3 takes the best of the past models and makes them better. 

We made the Sport V3 more comfortable by including ergonomic grips, a saddle with better padding, and tires that are wider and taller than before. We developed a new rattle-free injection-molded battery mount. We even added a walk-mode on the controller to help you get up ramps or inclines when you're not riding the bike. And if you need to haul your stuff around, the Sport V3 comes with front and rear braze-ons ready for cargo rack installation.

The idea of an affordable electric bike was only a distant reality less than 2 years ago. Since then, we proved that it could be done. Now, we've improved our design while maintaining our mission - make electric bikes available to everyone.


Populo's core purpose is "to build bicycles that make cycling for work or play accessible to all people."

When you choose a Populo bicycle, you'll receive excellent value combined with friendly assembly and fit help from our team of experienced cyclists. 

Select Populo bicycles include pedal assist motors with rechargeable batteries ("e-bikes"). On Populo e-bikes,  you choose the amount of pedal assist on an easy handlebar display. When you pedal, Populo's electric motor kicks in.  Our range includes a full line of pedal assist e-bikes to help you:  

Populo "levels the playing field" between fast and slow riders, allowing your whole family to ride together, commute to work or school with ease, or carry a load or pull a trailer

Whether you are riding for fitness or recreation, commuting, or putting a bike to work in your job, Populo can make it possible. Thank you for considering a Populo Bike: "by the people, for the people." 

Populo Sport V3 (Black)

Populo Sport V3 (Blue)