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Raleigh Tristar iE e-Trike    (Black/Blue)

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Raleigh Tristar iE e-Trike

When you need stability, utility, and comfort, three wheels are better than two. The Tristar iE is a electric trike with a durable, bump-absorbing frame, low step geometry to easily get on and off, and a rear metal basket for hauling gear and goods. This three-speed electric assist tricycle also has a rear disc brake (for increased stopping power) and front and rear fenders (there’s no such thing as bad weather).

Don’t worry about making it home with a full load: with the Currie Electro-Drive®/TranzX mid-motor and capacity for two batteries, you’ll have 350W of assist to help you carry your stuff when the pavement goes uphill, or if you choose to take the long way home.

Raleigh Tristar iE e-Trike

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